The bank phishing scams website has moved to I'm Andy Watts and I made a bit of an error with the database that contained the content the bank phishing scams site.

The web site at is entitled Online Fraud and Internet Scams : Online Security Blog

I managed to retrieve enough of the content to rebuild the most popular posts on the new site. I created the scams website back in 2013 and I'm please to see that it was so popular with people all around the world.

Most popular blog posts

The most popular posts on the site were the 

BMW Lottery Scam email about having won BMW 7 Series Car

The yellow sticker in a UK passport that you have to remove

Fake Amazon email requesting account confirmation

BX5 5AT is a postcode for HMRC but is not on the map

overpaid tax refund email HMRC is often used by Indian scammers to download Teamviewer

All of the blog post received a lot of visitors and spam but it was good fun. Atleast people now know what that little yellow sticker is in a UK passport :)

  The Bank Phishing Scams Website Has Moved